The Bandits History

The Bandits were established in the fall of 2012 out of St Louis, Missouri with just one 14U baseball team. That 14U baseball team had a strong work ethic which helped in them being successful. A lot of practices, life lessons, and determination made that team show well at major events, which drew positive attention from other coaches, players, and teams.

The following year two more teams became a part of the Bandits family. Since then we have had healthy and steady growth with a focus on developing players, life lessons, and getting players to college.

In 2018 we added the softball side of the organization. Diana Reynolds was tasked with the job of Softball Director. Her extensive family background in softball has led her to bring a wealth of softball knowledge to the Bandits. With also focussing on player development, life lessons, and getting players to college, the softball side has had a similar growth model.

In 2019 we decided to grow into other states and create a national organization. Problem was we didn’t want to expand without being able to control it. Along came DiamondZoft Software.

DZ is a one of a kind do it all system. It’s specifically catered towards youth baseball and softball organizations. Implementing video training series, helping with communication issues, and still controlling the brand, we now have teams in multiple states and are excited to share our philosophy with an expanding Bandit family.

In 2020 we started expanding to multiple states. With this, we needed to create and trademark a logo. Our goal was to stay away from the standard and already trademarked ball with the hat and bandana. Considering we’re dealing with youth, we also wanted to avoid guns.

Being such a huge task, we needed to bring in a professional. Designer and branding expert Chris O’Brien out of Canada was recommended, and he didn’t disappoint. With the help of Chris, “Blue Bandit” aka “Blue” was created.

Blue is a Capped Rock Thrush Bluebird. The male has a blue head, chin and throat with a distinct natural eye mask. The upper parts are blue and black. There is a white patch on the wing that is visible during night. The Bandits were founded and are based out of Missouri. Missouri’s state bird is the blue bird. The name “Blue” is also another subtle nod to the city of St Louis’s team’s city of origin and connection to the W. C. Handy song "Saint Louis Blues" as is the case with the NHL team.

As with all companies, change happens. We hope as we move forward we continue to change for the better. In the end, it’s about making a difference in the lives of our youth and young adults.