The Bandits Testimonials

"A former little league coach recommended our son tryout for the Bandits. That was five years ago. From the very beginning we knew the coaches not only loved the game but loved teaching the game. I witnessed my son get better fundamentally, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The coaches make sure their players receive everything to be successful on and off the field. I know my son would not be where he is today without the Bandits Organization. We’re extremely grateful for everything they’ve done."

- Jessica Ford -

"I’ve played for 3 organizations over my youth baseball career. Filled in for a few others. None of which cared for me as much as Matt and the Bandits. It wasn’t always about baseball for him. He wanted to know how my personal life was. Making sure my grades were good and my work ethic didn’t falter. Anyone would be honored to play for Matt and the Bandits."

- Dan Flaiz -