The Bandits Training

"Unless you’re one of the 750 players on a Major League Baseball roster on opening day, chances are you can't hurl a wicked, knee-buckling curveball that's part of the repertoire of Los Angeles Dodgers pitching ace Clayton Kershaw. Nor will you ever slam a ball 500 feet like New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge. But whatever your level of athletic talent, you can train like a major leaguer to improve your fitness."

Training is an instrumental part of the Bandits organization. We offer the tools for our players to continuously get better whether they’re at a team practice or on their own. Tools like InnerPro, Diamond Kinetics, Ace Pitching, and Sports Recruits help our athletes be the best they can be.

Inner Pro

One of the smartest decisions the Bandits made was partnering with InnerPro. InnerPro is:

  • Technology that empowers coaches to provide comprehensive team training at an individual level
  • World Class Strength and Conditioning
  • Mental Performance Training
  • Custom Nutrition Metrics
  • Performance Data

Whether the athlete is working out at home, at their high school, at the gym, or in a hotel room, there’s a workout to be done. No matter where the athlete is they can workout.

Personal programs specifically for the athlete. Exit velo programs. Shoulder mobility programs. Agility programs. Strength programs.

A one stop shop for making our athletes smarter, stronger, faster, and healthier.

Diamond Kinetics

Bringing state of the art technology into our training. Our hitters receive a full evaluation of their swing giving them a path to success. Our training programs begin in the fall and go until the player's season begins. It takes countless hours of hard work and dedication to change a swing. Giving our players 4-6 months of detailed analysis and drills helps muscle memory in adjustments and improve their swing.

How it works...The sensor attaches to virtually any baseball bat and captures motion data in real-time and sends it to the free SwingTracker.

​"SwingTracker's cutting­-edge technology brings science­-based motion analytics to the baseball/softball swing. Easy-to-understand metrics, data and swing analysis give you powerful information right at your fingertips."

  • Max Barrel Speed
  • Trigger to Impact Time
  • Approach Angle
  • Impact Momentum
  • Ball Exit Velocity
  • Max Hand Speed
  • Max Acceleration
  • Hand Cast Distance
  • Distance in Zone
  • Ball Launch Angle

ACE Pitching

In 2019 we partnered with Adam Jahnsen and Ace Pitching, which is one of the best baseball pitching programs in the country. Every pitcher wants to see 95 on the radar gun, but not every pitcher wants to put in the work to get there. As the Bandits continued to grow and develop, we noticed our pitchers weren't getting the training they deserved or needed. Thanks to Adam, we are light years ahead of where we were, and are very excited to see where we'll be.

  • Pre Game Routine
  • Post Game Day Routine
  • Post Bullpen Routine
  • Pre Bullpen Routine
  • Evaluations
  • Personal Binders
  • In Season Program
  • Programs Catered to the Player
  • Plyo Ball Routine
  • Bands Routine
  • Foam Roller Exercises
  • Proper Stretching

"Velocity doesn't matter if you can't locate." - Guy that doesn't throw hard.

"Command only gets you so far if you don't throw hard." - Guy that throws hard but can't locate.

It's time consuming and extremely difficult, but man is it worth it if you can create both.

Sports Recruits

The Bandits partnered with SportsRecruits in 2017, giving all of our high school athletes added tools to reach their goals of playing college baseball/softball. Adding SportsRecruits on top of our summer showcase schedule has really given our athletes an advantage.

Why SportsRecruits?

SportsRecruits is a robust college recruiting software platform that was built to streamline the recruiting process for athletes. SportsRecruits offers our athletes a suite of online tools including:

  • An advanced school search tool with extensive information on every college with baseball/softball in the country.
  • An email address database of every coach in the country.
  • A full contact management tool to track communication with coaches.
  • Individual athlete profiles with videos, transcripts, stats and contact information (available to all college coaches).
  • Alerts to our players when coaches are interacting with their recruiting information, providing them with transparency in the recruiting process.

Very similar to LinkedIn, SportsRecruits provides a platform for our high school athletes so they can market themselves to college coaches in a modern systematic way.

One of the most vital components of the SportsRecruits platform is the contact management system. The Bandits add personal recruitment coaching, email template assistance, and decision support to provide our athletes with the total recruiting package.