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Naked Bats

Standing outside a batting cage and listening to the sound of a bat hitting a baseball is the equivalent to that first smell of freshly cut grass in the summer. The only thing better then the smell of that grass, the sound of a wood bat hitting a baseball.

As more tournament directors decide to host wood bat tournaments, the need for wood bats in youth sports increases. There's one big problem, cost! It takes a player more then one round of batting practice or one game to learn how to properly hit with wood. It takes days, multiple games, months, and sometimes years. Hitting a ball off the end of the bat. Getting jammed on an inside pitch. Both of these result in a broken wood bat. Which results in more cost!

Two years ago we made an organizational decision to teach our baseball players how to hit with wood. Fall ball, wood. Winter training, wood. Even during the summer season, wood! Our hitters became incredibly better at barreling up a baseball. They learned how to hit with a wood bat. However, during this process there were a significant amount of broken bats. A $250 Marucci here. A $150 Rawlings there. The cost was adding up.

With this, we set out to find a high quality wood bat for a great price. Along came Naked Bat Co.. I went on Naked Bat Co's website. First thing I saw, "Why pay all the extra for finishing work if you don’t have to?! That’s why we are here. Premier lumber, affordable prices. No gimmicks." After I read that I made a decision to reach out and order some wood bats. I wasn't disappointed.

We now order Naked Bat's every year. We never have a quality issue and they work just as well as the other wood bat companies. The inside sales people are very nice and informing about the different bats offered. Whether its more balance weighted bat, barrel heavy, or even a fungo. It's great to have options and it's great to have knowledgable people help. I'm very happy we found this hidden gem. We're so pleased we made Naked Bat Co the official bat of the Bandits Baseball Program.