At the Bandits we treat our players and parents like family. Same can be said for our coaches. With coaches across the country the expectations are high. Setting an example for young men and women. We get a lot of applications and requests for those that want to coach, but there's more to it then just giving signs.


Bandits Coaches

  • Form their own teams/rosters
  • Create their own schedules
  • Are paid using direct deposit to a debit card
  • Are given extensive and ongoing training and support 
  • Are highly respected in the organization
  • Use the most advanced sports management software available anywhere called DiamondZoft
  • Access to a Sports Recruits, a national recruiting service/database of college coaches
  • Receive evaluations and support
  • Get to play in very unique and special events
  • We rarely have issues with parents because of the organization's training for parents, and clear contract for parents
  • Benefit from the organization's highly respected name and brand recognition
  • The Bandits handle all collection of money
  • Coaches do not handle uniforms


Having high expectations brings great pressure. It's a demanding job to be a coach.  


Are you willing to do the following...

  • Run practices

  • Throw bp

  • Make line ups

  • Manage games

  • Focus on player’s development

  • Develop relationships with parents and players

  • Make it more about baseball/softball

  • Teach life lessons

  • Be an example not a hypocrite

  • Be a leader

  • Develop trust and respect


If you think you have the passion and knowledge to become apart of the Bandits Coaching staff please fill out the form.

About You:

Additional Questions:

All of our coaches have to be to go through back ground checks.
Please tell us about your past and current coaching experience. Please be specific.