The Bandits form teams in age groups (7U-18U) throughout the United States.  Being a part of the Bandits means high expectations. We care about the quality of players on each team. The character of the players and the coaches. As well as the desire to have open communication in making sure all teams have a great experience and each coach receives what they want. The feedback and results of our Bandits Family philosophy have been amazing.


Over the past 6 years 100% of our graduating seniors have received scholarships to play college baseball/softball. We dedicate and pride ourselves in making sure our high school teams play in highly recruited events, as well as getting support and guidance with our recruiting software (Sports Recruits) and recruiting coordinator (Sean). Not all kids are the same so there is an individualized process for each player and team.  If the goal for the players on your team is to play college baseball/softball,  playing in the Bandits Organization is the place for you. We  


For our younger teams (9U-14U) this embarks the beginning of an amazing journey of training and development, both on and off the field. With the Bandits we focuse on helping our younger teams develop and mature into talented young ball players and young adults. Developing character is just as important as developing talent on the field.



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Additional Questions:

Also please state if you already have access to a field.
If you’re a new team, put your age and coach’s name.
This is where you’re based out of. Not necessarily where all your games will be played.
This is NOT the number of kids on your roster. This IS the number of kids on your roster who will pay player fees. Those two numbers can be different.
If a parent selects a payment plan, the total amount due will be 2 months prior to this date.
This is tournaments or showcases.
The average cost per each tournament/showcase in your area or in which you will be attending. Some bigger events cost more so please factor that in.
Winter training is considered Nov. - March for most markets.
Great way to learn new practice ideas, get a second voice to the athletes, and get better. Please note, the Coach will be compensated for their time.
Please select PER PLAYER fee target range that you are trying to stay within. This is not a negotiation so please don't "low ball" this number to see how cheap your team can play for the Bandits. We offer tremendous value. We can not guarantee we will hit the number, but the Budget Estimator gives us flexibility to make this financially affordable for everyone involved. If your target range, combined with the numbers you entered, result in a significantly higher player fee amount, we will contact you to discuss.